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M4cgyvers Repurposed Mining Rig!

Welcome to my (M4cgyver) website / resume (depending on whos reading). Written in NextJS 13 and NodeJs all within Docker!

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Hello World!
My name is Logan Rios, a California native with a passion for computer technology in GITA. I attended BOHS for high school, where I honed my skills in computer science. Currently, I'm pursuing a degree in computer science and technology at Grand Canyon University in Arizona, where I'm constantly exploring and expanding my knowledge in this field, though I always prefer self-taught methods such as YouTube videos and blog websites. My favorite form of learning is through creating fun projects that can be repurposed and reused in the future whenever needed.
stupid mining rigIn my free time, I enjoy creating unique and innovative hardware gimmicks, such as my gameboy that doubles as a keyfob or use an old mining rig to host a website and train AI models ready for everyone and anyone. I also have a strong interest in software development and enjoy pushing the boundaries of what's possible with obscure concepts and designs. One of my biggest software projects was creating a complete x86 operating system (it booted and ran programs, that's about it. Could never figure out how to program interrupts so I just had a jump table). I always have a love for old retro tech. If it's games or just old computers parts I always love to make use of them. For example, I'm using a stack of Floppy Disks to prop up my monitor because it broke on the way to college :D. My passion for technology has led me on a journey of exploration and creativity, and I'm excited to see where it takes me in the future.
Honestly, that's about it. I'll be posting blog updates on locations, tips, projects, and games. Anyone else that posts more than that on the internet has really bad opsec, bad with personal data, or isn't Kenenough.